Fixed Docks

We can construct anything from the largest commercial docks to smaller residential docks. We specialize in pile driven docks in which we can use wooden or steel pilings. Read more…

Floating Docks

floating wood dock
Many people choose to go with floating docks. In some cases floating docks can be built at a lower cost. Depending on the location of the dock, sometimes floating docks may be your only option. Read more…

Combination Docks

Floating and fixed combination dock.
This is really the best of both worlds by having the fixed structure set up so the floating docks are tucked away behind it and sheltered, but also having the floating dock that will move up and down with the tide. Read more…


Nautical Pile is a Richmond County, Nova Scotia business that builds custom wharfs, docks, and floating docks to meet any requirements. Whether you require a large commercial pile driven wharf or a small personal floating dock, we can build it to suit your needs. Nautical Pile also builds crib structure wharfs and depending on the depth of water, we can do a combination of crib and pile driven and floating docks. Our pile driver can be floated in under two feet of water, allowing us to access most areas. Contact us today and we will make an appointment to meet with you and do an on-site analysis to see which dock style is right for you.